Benefits of Concrete Landscape Curbing include:
SAFETY– Traditional steel landscape edging can wear over time and become extremely dangerous to children and pets. Having worn steel landscspe edging is like leaving a rusty knife in your yard. Not only is concrete edging completely safe for your children and pets, It is a permanent solution that will stand the test of time.
Durability – Our custom Concrete Landscape Edging will out last all other landscape edging solutions. While Wood will rot, Metal will wear, and landscape blocks will shift over time, Concrete edging will continue to give your home that Wow factor year after year.
Variety – The customization options are virtually endless. A variety of stamping patterns and colors means you can tailor the look to match your home and other yard features.
Low Maintenance – Our custom Concrete Landscape Edging will give your yard a lot of style that requires only a little maintenance. Concrete curbing keeps your landscape materials, such as stone or mulch, where they belong and helps prevent them from drifting into your grass. It offers a superior root barrier, so grass won’t begin to spread into your flower beds. It will make your mowing easy and you will spend less time trimming and edging to achieve a clean look for your yard.
Increase Home Value – Updating your landscaping can really pay off when it comes time to sell your home. Buyers are much more attracted to a house that looks neat and well-maintained from the outside. It generates excitement before they even walk in the door and can lead to higher offers.